Sidings Park orchard planting

In March the borough council and their contractor, Idverde helped the Sidings Park Area Residents Association (SPARA) create their very own orchard within the park.

Local families joined forces with SPARA and the teams to help plant eight new half-standard fruit trees in a secluded area at the bottom end of Sidings Park.


Whilst the rangers, Emma and Martha, prepared some of the planting holes for the new apple, pear, quince and plum trees, many of the young children and their parents were equally as keep to have a go at digging the hole themselves. A very happy evening ensued with the trees being planted with great care and dedication.

Having planted all the trees, the children set about naming them. Now Sidings Park is the very proud home to ‘King Richard’ the quince, ‘Athanasious’ the apple, ‘Gum the Plum’, ‘Woody’ the apple, ‘McBeth’ the pear, ‘Aslan’ the apple and finally ‘Queen Lucy’ the apple!


It’s hope that the trees will not only provide crops of delicious fruit for years to come, but also create added interest in the spring as they come into bloom. The blossom will also help increase biodiversity within the park by providing an important nectar source for bees and other pollinating insects.



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