Bloom Board 2016The Loughborough in Bloom Board exists to provide overall decision-making, co-ordination and guidance to the Loughborough in BloomProject. The membership of the Board is intended to cover a range of partners in Loughborough who have an interest in the delivery of this project.  Direct funding from Loughborough in Bloom comes mainly from Charnwood Borough Council. Other partners make a valuable contribution to the project either in direct financial terms or in kind.

Loughborough in Bloom is managed through the Bloom Board, which is made up of 10 members: three representing the Community Sector, three representing the Public / Local Government Sector, three representing the Private Sector, and one representing Loughborough University.  This structured approach is assessed as part of the judging of Loughborough in Bloom.

Members will be appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Board and their term of office will be for the period from one Annual General Meeting to the next.  The Board elects a Chair and Deputy Chair who will be appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting.

The Loughborough in Bloom Board aims to seek maximum involvement from the widest possible range of people and organisations within the three communities in Loughborough (Public sector, Business Sector and Community Sector) and to act in a manner that seeks to maximise the benefits of the Project within the wider community.  It provides a conduit for the Community Groups in communicating with each other, The Board, relevant stakeholders and funders, and the wider public – via the ‘Community Participation Group’, and provides a representative to the East Midlands in Bloom (EMIB) partnership.

The Board agrees the Loughborough in Bloom entry for the EMIB and Britain in Bloom competitions including co-ordination of It’s Your Neighbourhood entries, and seeks wider sponsorship and support for the Bloom to increase external capital investment and in kind support from local business and communities, including local nurseries, service providers, University, College and school students for the delivery of various projects.

It also provides, through The Chair, a suitable voice in the media to support the ongoing work of The Project and promote the positive work of the Board in delivering Loughborough in Bloom.

The Loughborough in Bloom Board Members in 2012 are:

Community Sector:

Mike Jones (Community Participation Group): Deputy Chair

Josie McCree Falconer (Three Close Tenants Association)

Kevin Wright (Warwick Way Action Group)

Public / Local Government Sector:

Cllr Hilary Fryer (Charnwood Borough Council)

Cllr Marion Smith (Charnwood Borough Council)

Cllr Peter Lews (Leicestershire County Council)

Private Sector:

Andy Rush (Loughborough Echo): Chair

Lez Cope-Newman (Business Improvement District)

Stuart Carter (Chamber of Trade and Commerce)

Loughborough University:

Karen Setchell


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